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Dear everyone,

after a two month hiatus I'm still into weight loss, I just had a really hard exam period which lasted 1,5 months. Now with all my exams done and my ankle seems to be okay I plan to continue my weight loss journey and hopefully running. I found tumblr easier and faster, so for more frequent updates I decided to move my blog to a different place. I think it's for the best, now with the last couple of pounds to lose I see new objectives in the weight loss journey and a fresh start can always be so motivating.

I'm catching up on your blogs soon, until then if you're still interested, you can find me here:

Hiatus Update

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

I haven't given up on weight loss, it's just life and a hard core exam period with unbelievable exams. I'm still keeping my eye on the goal, however, December and January have been all about weight maintaining so far. But, proud to be to announce that today I finally reached a milestone!

68.1kg / 149.8lbs

I really hope you guys are doing okay, posting again starts hopefully next week.


5-6 December, Santa’s Day

So sorry, I’ve been a bad blogger and a blogger friend, it’s just the past two weeks were insane. The fall/winter semester is almost over, I have tons of exams coming up, and other additional issues. I try to catch up on your blogs soon and put up a decent post what’s really going on. But, I’m still in game, haven’t given up yet.

I also wanted to let all of you, where I live, we don’t celebrate Christmas with Santa Claus, we have a special day for him. He comes on the night of 5th Dec and puts chocolate and all kinds of sweet things to the little children’s boots. So, happy Saint Nicholaus Day for those who celebrate it today and tomorrow! (:



Running yesterday was a bad idea. I felt my ankle steady during the run but today it hurts so much at places where it shouldn’t and the ankle is swollen again. I think my mind knew that it wasn’t ready because by the pain I realize I pretty much put all the pressure on my other side. People also called me crazy today, several times for hitting the running field again. Moreover, I feel extreme stiff both in my thighs, damn … this is 2,5 weeks without training. I think I may gave up on my plan to run the 8.3km on Dec 11 and put running aside for another 2 weeks… :( Health first, right?

Get in ‘Shape’

(the dates are messy because I wrote it yesterday just forgot to post)

This has been the 18th day since my last run. Unbelievable. (!!!) Ever since I can’t actively move my legs I’ve been spending a lot of time on the internet, just for research. I try to explain why.

When I started the weight loss thing it was all about the loss. I had fat and unwanted body parts everywhere and I just wanted them to ‘shrink’. So I mostly did cardio work to burn the fat. But I saw the photos which were taken on the party and I had to realize that’s not enough any more. Odd enough, but I’m starting to be okay with my legs and butt, but my upper body is scandalous. On those photos they look like I was put together from two different person, like Frankenstein. It’s also been a topic on the blogosphere for a while so I found this: Capture3I’m a standard apple. Damn. Very small ankles and wrists, even my arms are small, but above my waist everything is so … I would say ‘weirdly shaped’.

figureI tried to look for any advice but the first thing they came up with this body type (on every site I visited) is that how critical for your health this situation on the long term, could be the source of cardio and etc problems. Fantastic. There were some diet suggestions (basically eat healthy, whatsoever) but no detailed workouts. Only reference: lift weights.

My reaction: great. I hate lifting weights, I hate doing this kind of exercises in general. But it seems that it might be the answer for my problem.

I have a couple of DVDs which have a great focus on the troubled areas, but there are some very cool Abs workout routines I found to be useful on youtube, in case you’re interested:

  • Lorie Baker's Pilates Routine: here.
  • The Best Pilates Core Workout Video: here.
  • BĂ©res Alexandra - Abs workout: here. (note: this isn’t in English but a full 10 minute workout)


This afternoon my dad told me to pick up his shoes from the Plaza and I was thinking that I might go for a power walk before since I desperately ‘crave’ active exercise. (the term belongs to SkinnyMinnie (: ) The weather was ugly, very foggy and wet but I put on my workout gear just in case. I spent the last two days reading online material about running after injury so I won’t lie that that was my goal. I did a thorough warm-up but I was afraid of the leaves on the already slippery pavement. First I aimed for 4 times 5 minute run, 3-4 minute walk. I was very careful. Right after I started running I realized that my ankle didn’t feel weird at all, just a little powerless which is no wonder after 2,5 weeks rest. So, I ended up running 2 times 15 minutes, with a 3 minute walk in between just to be sure I wouldn’t push my current limits too hard. The second 15 minutes were a bit faster but I tried to calm myself, don’t freak out, you’re running! Again! (:

So I didn’t want to risk to do a longer workout. I might calculate the distance later (approx. 4,5km I guess) but I’m still thrilled. It was quite sentimental, since my workout finished with the song, Whatever it Takes by Lifehouse. Now I’m enjoying a warm tea and put a bag of ice on my ankle just to prevent any swollenness. I try to take it slow, but … YAY! (:

Edit: I calculated my run and it was 4.35km (2.7miles). Post injury, it's not that bad.

Bittersweet - Deadlines versus Carpe Diem.

Today’s weigh in: 71.3kg / 156.8lbs (0.6kg / 1.3lbs loss)

I really don’t want to complain, because even if I can’t run right now, I’m still losing. The pessimism might be due to October’s progress when I was doing sports actively and losing fast week by week. Now, it’s a little hard to process this new ‘gear’ I’m in. Sport became my daily routine in the past months and now I feel how I much I miss it. And around August I had a little something in my mind. I know it is embarrassing but I admit it: I wanted to be below 70 kg (or 150lbs) by the New Moon premiere. (I haven’t seen it yet, though)

I have some ideas why I’m in such a blah mood, but apart from that sometimes I think about which would be the better: to set goals and deadlines or just doing things carpe diem, without any pressure. Well, since I’m an economist/business major I still prefer deadlines and goals in order to be effective. Failure can be tough, but also motivating. In my case right now I feel disappointed, but on the other hand without any major workouts I’m only 1.3kg (2.8pounds) away from that milestone. After what I’ve been through it should be a piece of cake, right?

The other thing which bothers me a lot (besides the lack of workouts) that I really put my anxiety on other people. I don’t think I’m rude but I’ve been definitely talking way too much about weight loss, which has never – ever – been my strong point. (I’m still surprised by myself!) I tend to bring up the topic way too many times, and how disappointed I’m with this and that etc. I could keep this in a secret for a long time and now since it’s out maybe this is my way to handle ‘embarrassment’. No idea, but I need to stop. Really. Seriously.

One other confession: due to ‘other’ things, and my blah mood I had a binge day. Not a crucial one, but enough that I’m sick to my stomach… and it doesn’t feel nice. :(

Quick update



I’m at the university library trying to start the work on my thesis and catch up on missed home works, translations which I should have finished a long time ago. My ankle is healing, slowly. It’s not that swollen any more, but it definitely hurts like hell by the end of the day. But the doctors said this should be (unfortunately) expected. I just wish this was over and I could run again.

In the meantime I try to stay on track with eating, I have less and less problems with it. I also realized that it’s the perfect time for upper body workouts (which I pretty much hate). Last week I read on Megan’s blog that she joined Angela’s ‘Whittle my Middle’ challenge. I’m not that good with challenges because my schedule and life just not designed for that, but I copied the idea and started to do 10 minute abdominal exercises 5 times a week. I took no pre-measurements but until I can’t do any decent workouts, it’s better than nothing. Unfortunately yesterday I had to cancel my step aerobics classes too at the university but I try to look on the bright side, the ankle situation could have been much worse, with much more hospital and doctor time.

Einstein said...

I’m done hiding behind the blog. It’s a little inspirational quote for everybody from my wall:

DSC_6752 copy


Let me show you guys something.

Today’s weigh-in: 71.9kg / 158.1lbs.

Good news because I managed to lose (I say maintain) a tiny compared to this Monday without any sport activity and constant bed rest.

But, what I am really saying is, that I've just checked my BMI here.

bmi3 The categories:

bmi224.9! Which means that I’m exactly at the margin of ‘Normal weight’!!! Believe me, I’m still a fattie (unfortunately I have a very small frame size but I’m tall, so probably this you could call cheating) but my starting BMI was 28.7. Way to go!