Weekend in the country side

I was waiting for the past two days because with my aunt we drove to the country side to visit my grandma’s cute cottage. The landscape is amazing, the fresh air and autumn leaves were supposed to colour our weekend. The weekend basically started with a C25k run. First it was very chilly and I thought I was unable to complete the training. Luckily after 5 minutes I was back on track, and finished quite good.

At my grandma we basically did nothing but reading under a blanket, drinking tea and Irish Mist, talking and sleeping. I wish the weather had been better so that it wouldn’t have been so freezing outside.

On the other thing, eating. My grandma is a wonderful cook and as soon as we arrived I saw nothing but home made cakes and cookies … everywhere. First I thought it had been a bad dream but it was reality. I have to confess that keeping myself away from all the deliciousness wasn’t hard. I only tasted one, a small bite and that was more than enough. I was rather bothered by that everyone noticed I lost weight. Probably it sounds weird but I haven’t made a big fuss about my goal to lose the weight, I only mentioned a hint to my mom when she asked and then we finished the conversation. Most of the times I feel ashamed that I’m doing a weight loss oriented diet and I work out on a regular basis. Can not explain why but I try to keep it in a secret as much as it is possible, so when it was dinner time I felt so uncomfortable when I had to tell my grandma and aunt that I would rather only eat cottage cheese and fruits. It was weird, uncomfortable and then they started to ask questions about my weight loss, progress etc.

I don’t want to sound like I am not proud of myself. Because I am. But I just wish I wouldn’t need to share these kind of things with people. I’m starting to feel comfortable with this issue on this blogosphere but it’s so weird when people notice the change and start to ask questions. But on the other hand the compliments I get were nice. But it’s still a long road to go.