Quick update



I’m at the university library trying to start the work on my thesis and catch up on missed home works, translations which I should have finished a long time ago. My ankle is healing, slowly. It’s not that swollen any more, but it definitely hurts like hell by the end of the day. But the doctors said this should be (unfortunately) expected. I just wish this was over and I could run again.

In the meantime I try to stay on track with eating, I have less and less problems with it. I also realized that it’s the perfect time for upper body workouts (which I pretty much hate). Last week I read on Megan’s blog that she joined Angela’s ‘Whittle my Middle’ challenge. I’m not that good with challenges because my schedule and life just not designed for that, but I copied the idea and started to do 10 minute abdominal exercises 5 times a week. I took no pre-measurements but until I can’t do any decent workouts, it’s better than nothing. Unfortunately yesterday I had to cancel my step aerobics classes too at the university but I try to look on the bright side, the ankle situation could have been much worse, with much more hospital and doctor time.


Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

Right now when my motivation for running and exercising is so high, the thought of injury is really scary. Hang in there so it can heal properly and you can get back to yourself soon.

Mind sharing your 10 minute ab workout? It would be nice to do something smart rather than just wiggle around for a while. =)

Eszter said...

Yeah, I'm trying to do my best but I finished the 5k program and I was so excited for the 10k... :(

I was thinking about sharing a post about the ab thing, probably this weekend. (:

Kristina said...

Dont give up! Letting yourself heal is the best thing you can do for your body at the moment. That way you can kick butt in whatever 5 or 10K you participate in. Keep up the ab and upper body workouts though. Bet you see a diff there! Let us know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

Hello there, glad to hear that your ankle is getting better. It's SUCH a drag--but that's awesome that you're staying on top of it with the ab workouts. Thanks for your comment on my last post by the way, you explained exactly how I feel about the long journey I still have ahead of me, and it's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels that way sometimes! Good luck with the thesis and ankle, and have a wonderful week!