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The past two weeks I had some major results I just haven’t had the time to write about them yet. First, last week I managed to reach the ‘under 75kg’ mark, which means that I’m finally in a zone when the numbers at least a bit friendlier. On the other hand the last 3-day-weekend was spent in a famous Hungarian city and to tell the truth I didn’t care about eating well that much during that weekend. I have the weigh-ins usually on Saturday, but due to that past weekend I stepped on the scale on Tuesday, just for a quick check-in. It showed a sad number: 75.5 (166.4). I was totally prepared for the typical dieter catch 22. You lose and you just think that you could eat. I mentally tried to train myself accepting the first gain, I managed to agree with myself anything which starts with 74.something would be good. Then for my biggest surprise I finally reached the 73s! I have absolutely no idea how, but I’ll take it.

While I was tracking my food and workouts I realised, damn this week was the number 12. Technically that means 3 months, but basically I’ve been doing this whole complex thing for 76 days. Crazy to think of it as it is. I had no idea if I could make even the one week and look at this now:

DG week 12 resultsSince 17th August 2009 I officially lost 11.34% of my starting weight, my BMI dropped from 28.7 to 25.4. I completed 55.62% of my total goal, I’m 9.4kg (20.7lbs) lighter than I was 2.5 months ago. I’m happy and energetic … I do things instead of not doing.

progress chart

So what’s next?

It’s November. A new month with new objectives. When I set my goals back in September I aimed my birthday, December 6. Now I see things a little different.

Honestly, losing 7.5kg (16.7lbs) in 36 days is a bit unreasonable. Possible, if I try some ‘magic’, but I made a promise to myself that I won’t do anything drastic. I have exactly 5 weeks till then so I try to get to the zone of 68something kilos, or say the least get under the 150lbs mark. That absolutely could work out, and this way the deadline for the 145 can be New Year’s. In this I calculated Christmas and a freaky exam period.

But how I’m going to achieve this is another matter. I run, despite the fact that it’s starting to be freezing cold outside. I have only 1 week left from my c25k program, so I think I continue with the 10k program. (any training schedule suggestions?). Now it seems I also have a running buddy so keeping each other motivated can result in something great! However, there’s no problem with running, but I do have a problem with workouts. I just find them boring as hell, but I’m in a serious need of upper body workouts. I’ll try my best to do them at least 2times a week.

I’m still tracking my food and I think I’m doing fine. Yesterday was though a bit out of control, but in general I’m surprised how much willpower and control I have, so I won’t make a fuss about a weird day. But as for November I’d like to spend some time in the kitchen, try out new things. I’m a terrible cook since there’s only a few things I can prepare, so as a resolution I try to do something about this.

Until then, my mini goal is get under 70kilos. And not to give up because of the weather. 2 years ago I got lost somewhere around here…


Anonymous said...

So glad you have a running buddy! It's always great to work out with someone rather than alone.

Grats on your weight loss. And it sounds like you have a very reasonable goal in terms of weight loss for the rest of 2009. I always tell myself, I have my entire life to lose weight. If it takes me a couple weeks or months longer than I want it to, oh well. =)

Anonymous said...

Those charts are nifty, I wish I was more EXCEL-able, lol. Congratulations on the impressive loss too!! :)