Shopping and a sprained ankle

Weigh in: 73.2kg / 161 lbs. (0.3kg / 0.7pound loss)

Well, considering the fact that last weekend my eating was kinda out of control, and I didn’t run on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I had a very bad week with a 3-day-long killing headache and I drank enormous amount of alcohol Thu night it’s pretty much okay. I checked my excel chart (the sheet can be downloaded at Shauna’s blog) and I’ve had decent losses for 4 weeks in a row so I’ll live. However, I really hoped that I could reach the 72s by this week. (without the alcohol I consumed I’m sure that would have happened)

On the other hand this week with my friend we were dedicated to go for a run on Wednesday, but damn that icy/rainy weather we had to cancel it.

I also decided that I’m in a serious need of shopping. It’s always a big debate in my head because I still want to lose bunch of kilos so I don’t plan on staying at this level where I am right now for long, but my baggy (yay!) clothes started to really bother me. So I went. But since I hate shopping I planned in my head which stores I would visit, what kind of clothes I would try on. And I forced myself in advance, no matter what happens I need to buy some items. These were my pre-shopping conditions. But to tell the truth it was hell! There were no pants like I had in my mind, it turned out that in every store I’m a different size. And what I had in my mind looked totally ridiculous on me. I’m almost cried at Promod, where something always fits for me, most of my clothes were purchased there. So I went back to basics, and I was like the first two things which would fit I would buy them immediately. Finally, I bought a darkish grey skinny(!!!) jeans and a purple shiny (!!!) top at Zara. I had no intention to buy such pants because I’m too shy to wear them. But so I went. I have a little tummy for it, but I just do not care. Seriously. I came to that point where I don’t care.

When I got home I had an other debate in my head, whether I should have wore it for the party or not. When I got dressed I realised that it may be a little too tight and I was even ashamed to step out to the corridor. My roommate kept laughing at me that I was a total freak. On the way to the party (first we went to a friend’s apartment to pick them up) I kept thinking about how every part of my body could be seen. So the night ended up in an enormous alcohol drinking event. We were so drunk I could hardly feel anything just the fun. The whole world was spinning at the party and I hardly have any clear memories. I didn’t feel how wasted I was but I think we were pretty much out of it.

And it happened. To tell the truth I hardly remember how I fell, or how big I fell but I fell bad on my right ankle when we were jumping on the dance floor I suppose. I felt a huge pain for 10 seconds and I couldn’t stand on my ankle for a minute or two but later it didn’t mean any problem. On the other hand, when I woke up the next morning with almost the worst hangover in my life I could literally scream. My ankle looked bad but I didn’t make a big deal about it. It hurt like hell but I was hurting so much everywhere too. But when I arrived home I collected all my courage and checked my ankle. It looked terrible (exactly like this, but I warn you it’s not nice)! All purple and swollen and I hardly could walk. :(

The party totally worth it. I mean I had such great time!!! But I’m also freaked out a little bit. Today would have been the very last training for my c25k.


I made this far and now I need to postpone finishing the program. I’ve already picked out my c210k program, would have started next week. Now, I’m stucked in front of the computer hurting and also fighting with a damn cold/fever. I have no idea when I can run again, it just doesn’t look good. :(


Anonymous said...

Ack! I sprained my ankle in March and it was awful--I feel your pain. Though it's no longer painful, it's still slightly larger than my other ankle still! I've talked to my doctor about it but she just keeps telling me that it will eventually shrink back down... Glad you had fun though! Haha, I'm sure your new outfit looked awesome =]. Also, congrats on the loss, you're getting dangerously close to where you wanna be :D. Thanks for the comment last week, maybe I should start posting my gains in kilos so I can feel a little bit better, lol!