This afternoon my dad told me to pick up his shoes from the Plaza and I was thinking that I might go for a power walk before since I desperately ‘crave’ active exercise. (the term belongs to SkinnyMinnie (: ) The weather was ugly, very foggy and wet but I put on my workout gear just in case. I spent the last two days reading online material about running after injury so I won’t lie that that was my goal. I did a thorough warm-up but I was afraid of the leaves on the already slippery pavement. First I aimed for 4 times 5 minute run, 3-4 minute walk. I was very careful. Right after I started running I realized that my ankle didn’t feel weird at all, just a little powerless which is no wonder after 2,5 weeks rest. So, I ended up running 2 times 15 minutes, with a 3 minute walk in between just to be sure I wouldn’t push my current limits too hard. The second 15 minutes were a bit faster but I tried to calm myself, don’t freak out, you’re running! Again! (:

So I didn’t want to risk to do a longer workout. I might calculate the distance later (approx. 4,5km I guess) but I’m still thrilled. It was quite sentimental, since my workout finished with the song, Whatever it Takes by Lifehouse. Now I’m enjoying a warm tea and put a bag of ice on my ankle just to prevent any swollenness. I try to take it slow, but … YAY! (:

Edit: I calculated my run and it was 4.35km (2.7miles). Post injury, it's not that bad.


Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

I'm so happy about this! I know how bad you have been wanting to get back in the swing of things. I'm glad that you took the time to take care of yourself, jumped out there and went for it, listened to your body, and took care of yourself again, after it was over. You're amazing!

PS-LOVE the commercial. Love it. =)