Running Budapest by night

This week was quite optimal for running. Finally I could find the time to catch up on my c25k schedule and even more, I managed to find a running buddy! The idea was very random since I’ve been feeling the lack of motivation towards the lonely workouts. Now, motivation hit me again!

So after our cruel Wednesday evening class with a dedicated friend we decided to hit the pavement on the lovely Andrassy street. I wish we could find a place with trail but since last week it is already dark around 5pm and Andrassy street is relatively the most lighted place we could come up with. On the other hand usually when I’m running in Budapest I mostly run on the riverside of the Danube, where are hardly any people to notice, usually runners or walkers. But with Andrassy street and Oktogon that was a totally different thing. It was funny that we were worried about stepping out into the crowd in our running gear. Oktogon was crowded but then when we were running beside the old diplomatic buildings it became nice.


I was surprised to realise how much we could run without stopping. We ran from Oktogon to Heroes’ square, then into Vajdahunyad castle, and then back. With some calculations it was a 4.52km (~2.8miles) all together, interrupted with 2 smaller walks if I remember well. 30 minutes later we arrived back to the apartment as two energetic bombs. Seriously, it felt amazing! We decided that we would make a habit of this running get-together.

Two days later my legs weren’t so tired so I went for a run on Friday, and I plan to go for an other one in half an hour. However, I did realise since the local temperature is getting lower and lower I really need to buy some warm thing for my ears. Any ideas? Also, please if you know any good mapping application or site for measuring running distances, please drop me a line, it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. (:


Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

GoogleEarth is fabulous for mapping routes. Try that!