The batteries hate Thursdays

(originally posted 08/20/09)

Yesterday evening when I was walking home I was thinking whether I should document my 1st week official weigh-in or not. It's mostly because I set up this blog a week ago but the first couple of days (basically until Sunday) were like the same. I did eat a lot, junk mostly and I made no attempt to even take a walk or some exercise. I didn't write anything to my food journal either. Conclusion: I must have gained some during those 4 days.

So I was thinking, since Monday I've been doing fine. I made better (emphasis on better) food choices, kept the food journal, drank water instead of some sugary crap and I did exercise. Also made my life more active, like I added some evening walks. Honestly, I feel how working out is hard for me right now. I used to be sporty so I know what I was capable of, and now the same thing is really hard. But I'm doing it, that's the point.

I just didn't want to disappoint myself in the begining, however, I did peek on the scale yesterday during the day and it said 83.9. I know it wasn't official, I just hope, even if I haven't lost any weight yet but I don't want to weigh more that I did last week.

Today morning I decided I would weigh myself, even capture a photo. I was about to turn on the camera when I realised the batteries were dead. Okay, no problem. Then I went to the scale which was stubborn enough again, just like last week. It kept showing the Low sign, and since it's a national holiday here no chance to change the special batteries today. I gave up. I just hope that my 'relationship' with the scale improves in the future because we are definitely not the best friends right now.