Workout disaster

Yesterday I decided I would do something new today on the workout field. I have a DVD which I like very much, basically a 40 minute exercise split in two 20 minute pieces. I usually do the second part which is choreographed on the ground, concentrates on the thigh, butt, abs area. It is freaking hard and painful but I know the routine very well.

The first part on the other hand is more active kind, full body workout, emphasis is on the lower body. Basically a circuit training with squats and lunges etc.

So I was fully prepared, and when it comes to workout I never give up easily but this time I had to. I only made the first 6 minutes when I had to admit this was not going to work. I felt unsteady, it hurt, it wasn't just right. Though I am not sure, maybe if the choreography hadn't been so fast I would have safely done the lunges. Maybe.

I gave up mostly because I got scared. This is the second time in my life when I am over 80 kilos but last time I weigh this much I wasn't doing any exercise. (I did a special diet to go back to 76kg) So I'm worried what this kind of exercise could do to my knees. When I'm doing my power walking I have an urge to run, like I used to but I'm not sure it's a safe way right now if I'm seeing the big picture on long term. That's the main reason I choose my workout sessions to keep the pressure from my knees.

Maybe I'm overprotective but I don't know. I would rather avoid an injury or a bad move which may end up real bad. But this boundary thing pisses me off very much. Being fat sucks.
I cannot wait not to measure this factor so I can run again!


The Fat Girl said...

I know what you mean. I went walking today through some backroads and big hills and there were two times when I thought my knee was gonna give.

Keep doing what you can every day. You'll build up gradually and not risk an injury setback.