Just do it!

(originally posted 18/08/09)

Seriously, ever since I created this blog (approx. a week ago) I haven't done anything worth to mention towards losing weight. (except the opposite) I really don't know why but basically the whole summer was the same for me. There has been this cloud screaming 'you need to loose weight, now, you know you want it' above my head, and I know it's there so let it be. Planning, planning, planning. Excuses, like 'as of tomorrow' etc. Even if I made a bad food choice before noon I'd said okay, then I'd start tomorrow the 'heathy life' and kept making bad food choices for all day. Vicious circle. Then Sunday evening I had that kind of 'wake up' moment. You know, something major hit me and I literally was forced to go out and do something about it.

Then yesterday I dusted my indoor bicycle. I had a 45-minute-exercise, then since I hadn't really gone anywhere yesterday I just had the impulse so I went for an evening power walking session around the nearby lake. And you know what? It felt great. I haven't been exercising for quite a while and I forgot how it felt. I even realised that I made better choices subconsciously for what I ate and drink yesterday. So I have to admit, there is something about in the 'just do it' slogan, indeed.