Week 1 - Review

I had no idea last Sunday if I could make it for a week. Sad to say but after years of weight loss & gain struggles I lost faith in myself. I either thought too much to just start the 'healthy lifestyle' (like constant planning, or not today but tomorrow), or I did start it with extreme expectations and goal for short term period and I gave up in days.

But I tried to remember how my last big attempt worked two years ago and I went with it. The key is really just do it, keep a food journal and exercise. But my biggest problem/fear has always been the pressure that what if I eat something 'bad', then the whole day is ruined (because in my head there were only 'perfect days' with 'perfect choices') so feel free to keep overeating, no need to exercise at all since today as I said is already ruined. It kept going like this for a long time so no surprise that I gained weight.

I had some doubts about the first week. What if I admit in my food journal that I ate something I shouldn't have, or didn't exercise, the same happens on the other day and I accept the fact. But not from a weight loss point of view but from an other one, that nothing happens, I just accept now on a daily basis on paper that I am overweight and I would keep being overweight.

But as a review I can say I did well for the first week. I documented everything I ate and my workouts. Of course I find some things from my old habits but I also see improvement. For example I gave up a recent 'addiction' of mine: Coca Coke. I drank it all the time ridiculously lot and now it has been replaced with herbal tea and water. Day by day. I haven't been the water drinker type to say the least.
Also instead of disgust I started to eat fruits and vegetables. I even paid attention not to eat after 6 or 7pm and I made sure I always ate breakfast so I wouldn't be so hungry by lunch. I also tried to eat only as much I needed. No huge portions or doubles, if it wasn't necessary.

The exercise part went okay, especially since I haven't done any workouts for almost 1,5 years. Seriously. So I went for power walks, I had indoor bicycle workouts and I dusted my used to be favourite fitness dvd. Little things like using stairs instead of elevators.

The scale thing: I have no idea. I will try it on Thursday (hope it will work) but so far I can already feel the benefits. Still really hard for me to accept that this time losing weight (in a long term!) is going to be a long road, but I'm sure it'll worth it. I really want to change my life because obesity gives me nothing but boundaries.