Important lesson

I was out of town for a couple days and I didn't really exercise. So yesterday I decided I would try to make up for it. I had a 30 minute indoor bicycle workout in my mind, spiced with intervals.

I started light, keeping the pace around 8-9 km/h for 10 minutes as a warmup. Then I changed to 10-11 km/h for 5 minutes, then above 11 km/h. I had the intervals above 12-13 km/h for 2 minutes, then 11 for 1 minute rest.

I have to admit I completed what I had in mind but it was really hard. First the realisation that my cardio is in a real bad condition. (no surprise of course but with some sport-related past I know what I used to be capable of)

Secondly I made the typical mistake. During my weekend getaway I made some 'bad food' choices so the day before I only had two bigger peaches for dinner. And the same for yesterday's breakfast. I had my workout before lunch. While I was on the bike I felt how my energy went away and I started to feel weak. The whole workout seemed like a huge struggle, in the end I just got off the bike, laid down the bed and tried to breathe slowly.

Lesson: I forgot how important it is to eat, in order to complete a hard workout session. I think this happens to everyone once in a while, but still. If I plan to lose the weight with working out I have to keep this in mind.