Was I gloomy today morning? Yes I was but I have some other things to be stressed out too. Anyway I put some effort into re-thinking today morning's reaction and I realised I judged it from the wrong way. It was then a big success for me, the only time during the 6 years of struggling with my weight when something really worked and I lost weight instead of gaining. That's why it was a milestone in my life. But what happened two years ago, happened. (and I have to admit, if I have done it absolutely right I wouldn't be here)

The point is what happened two weeks ago that's something. And I have to compare the past two weeks to the past 1,5 years. I started to care about again what I eat, I'm active, I can have a good night sleep again, I exercise on a regular basis, I eat fruits, I don't binge etc. Instead of course being lazy and simply not caring. I feel I have goals again and I'm waking up from some winter sleep.

I never really saw the point of this saying until today:

The hardest part about moving forward is not looking back.