Week 2 - Review

I have a secret obsession with organizing some things, for instance I'm really glad I'm having a food journal. It's not just about writing down what I ate but I really like to look over it and analyze things. The same goes for my workout log. It may have something to do with that I'm studying finance, so I do numbers, trends all the time.

Anyway, my eating habits are changing. It is true how doing things step by step is easier. When I made my decision a little more than two weeks ago I tried not to be too drastic. The first week was all about making my food choices better, obviously not perfect. It was not that easy.
This week I tried to eat normal lunch every day, not too much. Breakfast always. Way back it also worked for me miracles that for dinner I ate lots of vegetables or only fruits. This is seems to be working again. I struggle with the 'dark thoughts' (aka the need for binge) sometimes but so far I managed to control. I can even say no to cookies and cakes.

And this is the workout log for last week. Ib stands for indoor bicycle, pw is power walking, RR is a 20 minute workout dvd session.

I think I'm doing okay.


Hadley said...

It looks to me like you're doing a great job. In your week one round up you were impressed because you hadn't been sure you'd be able to do a full week. And now you've done two! Just keep up the workouts and the eating and the weight will keep dropping off.